Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 - 01/12/11

I didn't have much creativity today, having recent scanner issues took my energy. Must do better! Important thing is I did use my flash! I hit buttons, and switches to get different results. I kept my ISO low on the camera. Really haven't noticed any difference between using it and not, but maybe that is part of learning soon I shall, I hope.

I have my photog friends giving advice on what to do and I even asked for assignments, should be fun to learn. I also have websites and forms to read, as long as they catch my eye and don't sound monotoned I might actually pay attention, maybe I'll turn my blackberry into an e-reader and read some stuff too. I'm really antsy for Spring to be here so I can be outside more, we are in a cold snap now, and I have no desire to shoot when its like this, my only thing is with the cold comes the heavy frost and I love that on the trees, against a blue sky, it just pops. I'm rambling so here are the pics from tonight.

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