Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 29 - October 6, 2009

This will appear as cheating, but today I don't care. This gentleman, is my Dad, Ross Jackson. He passed away February 6, 2009 at the age of 61. Today he has been gone for 8 months, and since I miss him so much I thought to tribute today to him. This picture was taking 5 years ago, at my brother's wedding, with my 35mm Pentax. So I did take this, just a while ago.

Miss you Poppy! Love you!


  1. Very awesome! You will be forgiven! Just this once! Well, okay, maybe a couple more times down the road...

    Again, sorry for your loss! Big hugs!!

  2. It was scanned in, but I am having touching it. One of the best picture I took of him.